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Bankruptcy and Superannuation.

Superannuation is puzzling enough, not to mention when you have to stress over Bankruptcy also. At Bankruptcy Experts Maitland we frequently have a lot of people asking us about what can take place to their super, and if you have a regulated or industry fund (like most superfunds) then your super is secure, and Bankruptcy [...]

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Bankruptcy and Maitland, the Tricks Wealthy People Know about Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy in Australia is something that individuals rarely wish to ever speak about. It is a taboo subject matter, and when someone is experiencing a personal financial issue people tend to be quick to label them rather than assist them. For the most part the whole procedure of Bankruptcy is naturally likely to be a [...]

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Filing For Bankruptcy Maitland, So what is the Deal with Debts?

Exactly what Debts are erased if I go Bankrupt? The quick answer is that when it concerns Filing For Bankruptcy most debts are wiped, and I have also included a compendium below for you to look at. But, put simply some of the exceptions are Centrelink Debts, Child Support, Court fines (like speeding fines) and [...]

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Filing For Bankruptcy Problems! – What exactly can extend your Bankruptcy Term?

When it relates to Filing For Bankruptcy, generally there is plenty of complication because it is certainly an area that you really do really need some firm advice in because otherwise you may find yourself in an even more severe predicament. That I why here at Bankruptcy Experts Maitland we truly want to ensure people [...]

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Filing for Bankruptcy in Maitland – Choices, Choice, Choices.

When it comes down to Filing for Bankruptcy in Maitland, there are a bunch of options that we get given depending upon who we are, who we talk to, and exactly what has happened. One of the most common trouble I see with Filing for Bankruptcy is when it comes to selecting between Debt Consolidation, [...]

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Filing for Bankruptcy Maitland – how travel can get you in trouble.

One thing that lots of folks don't know when they look into Filing for Bankruptcy is that it can actually prevent you from taking a trip overseas. This is an element that many people overlook, and it can in fact get you in a lot of trouble. If you are encountering Bankruptcy then travel is [...]

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Going Bankrupt in Maitland, the Secrets Rich People Understand about Going Bankrupt

Going Bankrupt in Australia seems to sneak in the shadows of both the business world and our personal lives. It's the utmost taboo subject. The problem is perception-- because in truth bankruptcy is basically a tool that we can use to protect ourselves, and rich people know this. Rich people have worked out that insolvency [...]

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How to improve your chances of going bankrupt in Maitland

Having spent years in the mysterious world of bankrupt in Maitland I have produced a list to reasons people wind up declare bankruptcy and finish up broke. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are as many ways to end up bankrupt it seems as there are hot dinners, however for the sake [...]

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